Thinking About the Way You Think

Part of becoming a life long learner is discovering your strengths and weaknesses. The more you discover about the way you think and learn, the more you will grow.

Take a moment to learn more about yourself with this online assessment.

Multiple Intelligence Self Assessment


We all know about verbal and mathematical intelligence, but what about the other types of intelligence? Dig deeper and learn more about the multiple intelligences.

Learning Styles

Visual: I need to see it. I need to write it down.

Auditory: I need to hear it. I need to talk about it.

Kinesthetic: I need to do it. I need to touch it.

Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences

Linguistic “Word Smart”

Logical/ Mathematical “Math Smart”

Spatial “Picture Smart”

Bodily/ Kinesthetic “Body Smart”

Musical “Music Smart”

Interpersonal “People Smart”

Intrapersonal “Self Smart”

Naturalistic “Nature Smart”